Pool Safety 101

A 2 minute read, Posted on Fri, Jul 7, 2017

During the summer, a swimming pool can provide all-day fun and relaxation. It is something that everyone in your family can enjoy. However, you must develop a habit of taking the necessary safety precautions.

Always Watch Over Young Children

Don’t make the mistake of failing to keep tabs on small children. Even if the child is a great swimmer, you don’t want to take any chances. Some youngsters may have yet to develop a realistic sense of danger. Ideally, you should remain within an arm’s reach at all times. Avoid doing things such as closing your eyes to relax.

Enroll in a CPR Class

Taking a CPR class is well worth your time and effort. In the event of an emergency, you will be able to quickly leap into action. Remember, it often takes 911 personnel at least a few minutes to arrive to the scene of a crisis.

Purchase a First-Aid Kit

When it comes to pool safety, a first-aid kit is a bare necessity. From scrapes and bruises to sunburn, the first-aid kit can be used to treat a number of different injuries. An accident may occur when you least expect it.

Stay Hydrated

According to experts, dehydration is a very common problem during the summer. It can lead to a number of health issues, including extreme fatigue. The hot outdoor temperatures gradually cause your body to lose a lot of moisture. By having cold beverages available, you will be able to keep your family and friends properly hydrated.

Install a Safety Cover

Like most homeowners, you probably won’t be using your pool during the colder months. Sunset Pools & Spas, a company which installs inground swimming pools in Chicago, highly recommends that all pools are installed with a safety cover. Not only does the safety cover help keep out debris, but it also prevents pets and children from falling into the pool.

Erect a Fence Around the Pool

A fence is a great addition to any pool. It can help prevent curious children from being in the water unsupervised. A locking gate will certainly give you an extra degree of security.

Personal Floatation Devices

Personal floatation devices are designed to keep your head above the water’s surface. They are especially beneficial for beginning swimmers and young children. However, make sure the floatation device has been approved by the US Coast Guard.